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While you may be an expert in all things penis, it’s no secret that it can be a daunting task to try to show some TLC for your man’s “boys” down there. No worries, ladies! We’re sharing four tips on how to play with balls to blow your man’s mind. From foreplay tricks to oral, there are plenty of ways to play with your man’s fellas and give him the most mind-blowing sensations. Read on to learn the best tips for playing with his balls!


The surefire way to drive him crazy? Double up the hand job by giving some love to his balls at the same time. They’re packed with nerves, so stimulating his shaft while licking and sucking on his balls will send his senses into a frenzy. We suggest the “W” move: licking around them in a W shape. The heat from your mouth and the sensation of your tongue will surely drive him crazy. Kick it up yet another notch with toys specifically designed to enhance blow jobs, such as the Surenda Enhanced Oral Vibe and Tongue Dinger Vibrator. Just make sure you don’t forget to multitask and pay attention to his penis, too!

The Seam

The area between the two testicles is often referred to as the “seam.” It also happens to be super sensitive; by licking and stroking it up and down, you have the perfect way to send shivers down his spine. Licking the seam is pretty self-explanatory. With stroking, place your thumb on the side of his scrotum facing you. Then, place your pointer finger on the side facing towards his back. Slide your fingers down and repeat at the top very gently. You’ll have him moaning from pleasure in no time!


Imagine the way he cups your breasts. It doesn’t feel so great when they’re aggressively grabbed, right? Remember this when you approach cupping his balls. There are plenty of positions that allow for optimal cupping. Our favorite? Doggy style. This position is great for cupping because his balls are super accessible at that angle. Simply reach back and cup his boys while he’s thrusting from behind. After a minute or two, try tugging lightly on them for an insanely pleasurable experience.

For an even more intense sensation, try incorporating a mini-sex toy like the Mini Marvels Marvelous Massager for the vibrations it can impart. This petite stimulator fits snugly between the fingers to provide perfectly pinpointed stimulations. Why not let his balls feel some of that fun?

Show and Tell

You can always ask your man what he likes, but even better is to have him show you by grabbing your hand – or your mouth – and motioning the movements that he prefers. This is a great way to openly communicate with each other about what you like. After all, no two men are the same, so getting direct insight from your man on how to play with balls will greatly benefit the two of you in the end.

Now that you know how to play with balls, you can shock your guy by paying some very sexy attention to an area that is all-too-often ignored. Keep these tips in mind and you’re sure to give him the most mind-blowing stimulation of his life.

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