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Shades of Play: Finding Her Fav Toy from Her Fav Color

Overwhelmed trying to find her a sex toy on the internet? While it is entirely possible to just waltz into the bedroom armed with a bag full of vibrators, magic wands, and dildos and start using them on her, it’s easier on both of you if you can find the one perfect solution—the one toy to rule them all. But with each brand and toy featuring their own specialty, it can be a daunting task to figure out what will blow your lady love’s mind.

Luckily, we’ve taken some of the guesswork out of picking out a sex toy. Why not get her something that is based on her favorite color? After all, what delights her eyes is going to have a better chance of delighting her elsewhere. Plus, her favorite color can indicate a lot about her personality and desires.

Tickle her happy with our sex toy color guide.


This color purple symbolizes nobility and luxury. If your lady prefers this hue, then she is all about having

luxuriousness at her fingertips. The Je Joue Mimi Soft is the ideal sex toy for ladies who like the finer things in life. The plush exterior will feel opulent against her skin while fitting snugly against her delicate spots. This vibe may look petite and innocent, but it packs a powerful motor and will have her seeing the color purple while orgasming.


The most popular color around the world is blue. You can’t go wrong when buying something in this shade, but that doesn’t mean that your girl doesn’t want to get creative with her play as well. The LELO Ina Wave is a creative rabbit style vibe that moves like the natural waves of an ocean. Its bulbous shaped head rises and falls against the G-spot while the flexible clitoral arm gives external stimulation. She won’t be singing the blues while discovering powerful, blended orgasms.


Pink often represents the universal love of oneself and, of course, the vulva. And while this delicate shade is often associated with sweetness and femininity, that doesn’t mean that she is a wallflower. Let your pink lady lover find the bright side of powerful, instant orgasms with the Womanizer W500. Its unique suction action requires only a light touch to generate a powerful response. The beautiful flower design combined with unbelievably fast and strong orgasms will give new meaning to the term “tickled pink.”


Red Light Districts are the scandalous parts of the city—full of desires and adventures. It’s no wonder. Red is the

signifier of illicit pleasures. The color of extremes, it represents passionate love and seduction. The perfect sex toy for your red-hot partner is the L’Amourose Rosa Rouge. Equipped with a Thermal Regulation System, this vibe delivers thrilling heat to her most intimate of areas. The fiery-red silicone finish, delicately-curved design, and fantastic rumbling vibrations are sure to satisfy her ravenous appetite.


The color of optimism, enlightenment, and creativity, not to mention sunshine and spring, is yellow. This color can also indicate”proceed with caution.” Some women may hesitate using a sex toy in the bedroom. Perhaps, it’s because most toys look too phallic or intimidating. Introduce her to the fun of sex toys with the PicoBong Transformer. This multi-verse, bendable vibe is a rabbit, clitoral massager, cock-ring, double-ended dildo, or whatever else her heart desires. Whip this baby out and she just may throw caution to the wind.


Lovers of green are smart, centered people, and they need a toy that goes with the flow. This is not just a color, however—it’s an action verb. It is a symbol of GO! That’s why they need something that fits with them but also can surprise. Something like the L’Amourose Rosa. Its robust design looks just like nature intended-perfectly blended for both G-spot and clitoral stimulation.


A mysterious hue, black represents strength, seriousness, power, and authority. Do you want to thoroughly impress

your dynamic lover? Then we recommend presenting her with the Je Joue Nuo Butt Plug. This anal toy is shaped for ultimate comfort and is packed with powerful vibrations. Not only perfect for inserting and accessing the G-spot and P-Spot; it works well for long-distance play too. Give the lady in black this formal, elegant and prestigious sex toy, and be prepared to stay up all night.

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