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Anal Tease: Heat Up the Butt

The butt doesn’t lie. When you’re relaxed and ready to go, anal penetration can be easy and fun. If you’re tense, anxious, or just not that into it, trying for even a finger can feel like an exercise in futility. Since pleasure is the goal of any anal encounter, and since trying to force anything into an unwilling ass can result in injury, when it comes to putting anything in your butt, foreplay is everything.

In the interest of keeping your butt happy, here are a few tips for warming up your booty!






Before involving a partner, get to know your own booty. Playing with yourself allows you to learn what your ass likes at your own pace. Trying to do this step with a partner can be fun, but solo discovery avoids awkward, impatient or stressful scenarios. Once you’ve learned how to get yourself off, you can share that info with your partner!


Anal sex shouldn’t feel like a trip to the doctor’s office, unless that’s what you’re into. Don’t focus on your ass, to the exclusion of the rest of your body. Rather than getting goal-oriented, turn your attention to something that gets you in the mood – play with your favorite vibe, watch some porn, whatever - Your ass will still be there when you’re ready. A bubble bath is a great way to relax your asshole before starting to masturbate and fingering your ass.

Most Popular Vibrators

Massaging the booty is a great way to get your butt used to different sensations. Many people carry a lot of tension in the lower back, the glutes, and even the anus itself. Releasing any of that tension can help you get butt-sex-ready. Ask your partner to bust out the massage oil and give you a back rub, with special attention paid to the lower back, the muscles in your butt, and your upper thighs. Your partner’s tongue can also warm you up with rimming, or giving you oral while externally rubbing your butthole with their thumb. Having your other parts stimulated is key to enjoying anything anal for the first time.

Get gloved up and lubed up. One of the best warm-ups ever is massaging the anus itself. We love latex or nitrile gloves for getting up close and personal with the butthole. They have a smooth, even texture and – unlike your skin – don’t absorb lube (and you should always, always be using lube when you play with your butt).

Black Latex Gloves

Get buzzed… by a vibrator.* Your asshole has one of the highest concentrations of nerves in your body, so it really responds to vibration. We recommend using an external massager, like the Mystic Wand since massagers have wide enough heads that they’re in no danger of getting lost in your butt. Make sure that any toy you use has a flared base! Remember without a base without a trace!

*While a drink can help relax you, alcohol also increases your pain tolerance. You want to be able to feel pain when you’re playing with the butt, so that you know if you need to slow down, use more lube, try a different position, or take a break.


Most people’s butts can’t go from zero to Jeff Stryker. Fingers and small toys are great to start out with – and can be awesome ends in themselves. Plugs can be left in during other sexual activity, and some of them are even designed to be worn during the day-to-day. Smooth, slim dildos like the Funfactory BendyBeads are also awesome. Keep it low-pressure, do only what feels good, and soon you’ll be having all kinds of anal adventures.

Discover your prostate by laying on your back with a pillow under your hips to tilt them up. Apply a generous amount of lube to your index finger, outside and inside your asshole. We suggest Sliquid Sassy or Pjur Backdoor with Jojoba to naturally relax your butt. Curve your finger slowly into your hole towards your belly button. Your prostate is approximately 2 inches inside and responds to firm pressure.


Now that you’ve learned how to love your butt on your own you can share your asshole with a partner! Communicating with your partner(s) before, during and after sex can greatly increase your level of intimacy, pleasure and performance. Take responsibility, if butt sex is a first time experience for all parties, don’t expect your partner(s) to magically know how to pleasure you!

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