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Buy Gags and Bits & All The Tricks

Bondage is both a physical and psychological game. Introducing bondage gags and bits can help draw a clear line between the dominant and the submissive. Gags and bits are an exciting way to enhance role play and control you’re submissive. For the wearer, it enhances their role as a submissive or slave which heightens the level of arousal. They are a fun way of silencing your lover in moments when they want to scream out midst multiple orgasms.

Gags and bits humiliate and objectify your sub; a stimulating visual for any Dom. Some gags and bits are made for specialized play such as pony play. Others allow oral fucking while some allow you to attach other devices such as dildos to enhance play. Whatever your desires, there is a gag and bit that will feed your fetish desires.

However, choosing a perfect gag is never easy. Here are some things you should consider when shopping for gags and bits.

Shopping for Gags and Bits

Consider the Type of Gag and Bit That Fits Your Play

Your choice largely depends on your personal taste and type of role play. Some are designed to muffle the mouth while others force the mouth the open. Here is an overview of the most common types of gags and bits in the market.

Ball Gags: these are the most common BDSM gags. They consist of a spherical ball made from either rubber or silicone with a fastening strap to the back. The ball varies in size from small to large to fit both beginners, intermediaries and advanced plays. Ball gags are designed to humiliate the wearer by distorting their face and causing drooling, which turns on some people. It can also be used to restrict speech of wearer, especially to keep them from screaming.

Bit gags: popularized by human pony fetishists they are similar to the bridle used for horses. They consist of a soft rubber or silicone bar with fastening straps. These gags do not totally restrict speech hence, ideal for beginners. However, they have a significant potential of injuring your partner’s lips, so don’t play rough or yank them by the straps.

Forniphilic gags: theses gag are primarily crafted to humiliate and objectify the wearer. There are designed with a mounting point which can be fitted with tools and devices such as dildos, vibrators or even feather dusters. They allow the slave to serve their master or mistress will gaged.

Funnel gas: these consist of a tube leading to the mouth. They are commonly used to force a submissive to drink fluids they would naturally not enjoy. However, you need to be careful because it’s very easy to choke your partner. Avoid this if you are a beginner.

Medical, Rings, whiteheads and Spider Gags: all these gags have one thing in common; they allow access to the mouth. Oral sex can be performed if the mouth is open enough to allow penile penetration. They also cause uncontrollable drooling especially when the submissive tries to talk. Their upside is that they do not restrict breathing or swallowing.

Panel, Muzzle and Mouth Corset: all these gags bound both the mouth and checks of the wearer to restrict speech. A panel is worn across the top of the mouth and cheeks making it difficult for the wearer to part their lips. A muzzle consists of a head harness attached to an over-the-mouth gag. They mimics the muzzles used to restrain aggressive animals such as dogs, which makes them perfect for animal instinct role-plays. On the other hand, a mouth corset covers the lower face and neck of the wearer. They are highly erotic but risky because they can’t be removed quickly in the case of choking.

Think about Material Used

Gags and bits are made from a variety of materials include silicone, rubber, jelly, TPR, leather, robe and stainless steel. For gags that go inside the mouth, choose high quality tasteless, odorless and soft materials such as silicone. Rubber, jelly and TPR have a particular smell and taste that can be unpleasant for some people. But as very effective If you don’t mind the smell. For over-the-mouth and harnesses, leather and rope are great for both functionality and kinky appeal. Medical steel should be used for mouth opening gags for easy cleaning and sterilization. Be sure about the quality by purchase your gags and bits for reputable retailers like Pleasures.

While choosing material also think about the procedures needed for thorough clean and sterilize your gags and bits. Refrain from sharing your mouth bondage gears. This is vital for your personal health and hygiene.

Pick your Fetish Color

There is always that one color that turns you on. The most standard colors for gags and bits are red, purple, blue and old fashioned black. However, sex experts have tapped to the visual and mood lifting appeal of color by creating a novelty of candy gags. Challenge your fetish fantasies and let your mouth be a source of sexual eroticism.

Safety Guidelines when using Gags and Bits

  • Mouth gaging should only be played with a trusted partner who won’t be carried away by excitement and compromise your health and wellbeing.

  • Always clean and thoroughly sterilize your gag and bits before use. Ingestion of bacteria can put you at risk infections.

  • Start small and work your way up into larger and more sophisticated gags and bits.

  • Never play with gags if you have poor health, allergies or suffer from an anxiety disorder.

  • Avoid gags and bits that restrict your breathing. Ensure whichever gags you choose allow a constant flow of air to the mouth and nose.

Never leave a gagged partner alone. Frequently monitor them to avoid risks of asphyxia. Stop immediately if you notice signs of choking, vomiting or discomfort. BDSM is more fun when safe.

Set your mind loose and feed your fetishes with gags and bits from Pleasures. Roll out your BDSM artistry and make your partner shake in a roller-coaster silent erotic dance of pain and pleasure. Peaches and screams have a variety of gags and bit to fit your fine repertoire of BDSM.


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