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Customer Care

Here are instructions for caring and maintaining your toys before and after use:



Remove toy from package and spray with anti-bacterial toy cleaner. Wait 30 seconds and wipe clean. Apply some water based lubricant and it is ready to use!



Rinse your toy after use. Apply anti-bacterial toy cleaner. Wait 30 seconds and wipe clean. Allow to air dry completely before storing in a moisture free environment.



If using a toy made of Fanta Flesh, be sure to dust with Revive Powder. Make sure your product is submersible prior to submerging product in water. Keep your Proof of Purchase to redeem your warranty for the following brands:




Body Wand: 1 Year Warranty

Sensuelle: 1 Year Warranty

We-Vibe: 1 Year Warranty

Svakom: 1 Year Warranty

Fun Factory: 2 Year Warranty

Womanizer: 2 Year Warranty

Pipedream: 60 Day Warranty

California Exotics: Limited Warranty

(check site for individual product details)


Return Policy

Pleasures does not return/exchange anything once it has left the property. If requested we will do a quality check on any product before the item leaves the property, to ensure that you are happy with your selection. Thanks Pleasures

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