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Touchdown Tips

Game season is here!!! Try these tantalizing tips and score on and off the field!

Fantasy Football

Try putting on some very sexy lingerie under your "gameday" T-shirt! During halftime give him a sneak peek of what's to come after the game is over!

They "Score" We "Score"

Grab your favorite remote controlled toy and everytime your team scores, have your partner change the function! If you want to score even more, try a We-vibe product after the game is over your partner can and slide in and share the vibrations with you!

Game Day "Magic"

Massage and Tease your lover until the game begins! These plug in magic wands are a must have!

Party food that bring the Party

Jalapeno Popper Chicken

Try this delicious chicken appetizer and enjoy the added sexy benefits!

Spicy foods get your blood flowing and naturally turn up the heat in your body (which also fires up your metabolism).

Chicken- contains a good bit of Arginine. Consider this the “Marvin Gaye” of Amino Acids. They are responsible for relaxing the vessels so that blood may flow through.

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