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Vacation Sexxxpectations

Summertime is over, which means a large percentage of your customers are gearing up for their last bikini-clad vacations. While most people see their vacation as a way to relax and get away, some people also see it as a way to reconnect with their partner. And some people look for action no matter what city they go to.

The Lowdown On Leaving Town And Getting Down

So just how many people like to get it on while on vacation? In a 2015 survey, 1,000 American adults were asked about their mating habits when they travel. Apparently, people like to get busy on vacation! 28 percent said they were definitely friskier with their partner on vacation, while 39 percent said it depended on their surroundings. (Obviously, a Caribbean resort is going to be more erotically-inspired than a cheap hotel room outside the Newark airport.) And where do people like to do the dirty while traveling? 65 percent of the people surveyed said their hotel room is where they got busy with their partner, while the bathtub was in second place at 23 percent. Some were a bit more adventurous and voyeuristic, engaging in hot action on the beach (20 percent), a tent (17 percent), a balcony (10 percent) and… a rental car? (That was only 4 percent.)

As vacation season approaches, you may come in to shop for some last minute supplies, some sexy lingerie or even a new toy to surprise your partner with once you reach your destination. So let us offer up some handy tips to help ensure you get the best hassle-free vacation sex of a lifetime:

1. Don’t Give Off Bad Vibes – Vibrators are fine to pack in your suitcase, but if you have battery-powered toys make sure to remove the batteries and stow them separately so that the TSA doesn’t inspect why your carry-on started vibrating. You can also invest in rechargeable toys that come with a travel lock to help prevent embarrassment in the TSA line.

2. Think Small – There are lots of compact sex toys that won’t take up too much room in any luggage – cock rings, vibrating bullets and eggs, wrist cuffs, etc. Also – TSA dictates all liquids must be less than 3.4 oz. and that includes lube.

3. Focus On Your Partner, Not Your Phone – Many adults complain that phones and tablets get in the way of their sex life. So make a promise that these devices will be put away during the vacation and only used for directions or emergency situations.

4. Research Your Destination – If you’re traveling outside the U.S., make sure you read up on the country and their customs. Some places frown on PDA (you know, public display of affection) and in some places homosexuality is a crime, so use caution. Also, sex toys are illegal in India, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, so keep that in mind so you can pack accordingly.

5. Sex On The Beach Is Great In Theory – The reality of sex on the beach isn’t so great. First of all, sand in your delicate nether regions is not pleasant. At all. Secondly – bacteria can invade your private parts, causing an infection. Don’t waste valuable hours of your vacation in pain or at a local clinic.

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