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10 Hidden Secrets To Make Woman Feel Sexy And Desirable

Making your woman feel sexy isn’t as simple as saying, “Baby, you lookin’ fine!” and jumping her bones. Yes, telling her how beautiful she looks is important, but there’s a lot more to it than that. You have to make her feel it deep down and truly believe it.

No one feels sexy every single moment of every single day. Your girlfriend might wake up and think she looks disheveled. Maybe she’s had a tough time at work and is tired, un-showered, and stressed out. Maybe she’s just too distracted to focus on being intimate. It’s part of your job as her partner to keep her feeling positive, radiant, and attractive.

I’ve made the mistake of getting “too comfortable” in a relationship before – I think most of us have at least once. You take for granted what you have and stop reminding her of her allure. Next thing you know, things aren’t hot as they used to be and you’re frustrated trying to figure out where the spark went. You’re asking her flat out for sex and then complaining when you aren’t getting any.

You can’t logically convince a woman to be turned on. You have to tap into her emotions and get her excited for you. She should be craving your touch and longing for the closeness intimacy brings.

When you make a woman feel hot, it makes her want to be hot for you. She’s more passionate, sexual, and confident about herself. It gets her thinking about how much she wants you because of how much you desire her. It keeps the fire burning between you and the sexual chemistry on full blast.

Now, exactly how do you get her there? Being flirty and physical is one part of it. But don’t overlook the equally critical part of surprising her with romantic gestures, thoughtful favors, and demonstrating that you care deeply about her. The rush of positive emotions she gets will help her feel closer to you and physically act on it.

Want to have your lady throwing herself at you? Try some of these:

  • Wrap your arms around her from behind while she’s cooking and kiss the back of her neck.

  • Take her out for an adventure together. Have her dress up to go dancing or try a new restaurant in the city. Go for a Sunday picnic on the water or a walk through the park.

  • Be a kid again. Eat too much ice cream, have a water balloon fight, or hit up Six Flags.

  • Text her something meaningful or sweet to brighten her day. Text her something naughty and let her know how much she turns you on. She’ll love knowing that her man can’t wait to be with her.

  • Surprise her with a gift simply because you want to show her how gorgeous she is: earrings, flowers, tickets to her favorite band or play, or a hand-delivered Starbucks latte. The little things count too, it’s the meaning behind them that matters.

  • Touch her morning, noon, and night (or whenever you see her). Stroke her hair in the morning, discreetly grab her butt at lunch, and kiss her stomach while on the couch at night. Whisper steamy compliments in her ear while you’re at a party or bar.

  • Don’t rush foreplay. Caress her thighs, nibble on her neck, and build her up naturally.

  • Mix it up during foreplay. “Dirty talk” doesn’t always have to be explicit; talk sensually about what you’re doing to her body. Gently describe what she feels like, tastes like, and smells like in an erotic and flattering way.

  • Come home and take her to the bedroom right away. Show her how irresistible she is and that you have to have her now. Explore your sexuality together. Role-play and try on new costumes. Discover her secret desires and act on them. Go to a sex shop and pick out something for a special night.

  • Give her a sensual massage with oils. Take your time to caress every inch of her body and let her know how much you cherish it.

Come up with your own creative ideas to express your feelings, too. In turn, she’ll feel more appreciated and sexually proactive. It’s a win-win for the both of you.

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