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Treat Your Partner: Erotic Massage Tips, Tricks & Selections

1. Learn the proper techniques.

It can be easy to just go to town touching your partner, but the strength of our sexy massage tips is to employ actual masseuse techniques.

Try these three classics:

Kneading: Lift and squeeze all the fleshiest areas, like the biceps, butt, and thighs!

Stroking: Keep your fingers together, palms down, and make long, gentle motions along the back, thighs, neck, and feet.

Compression: Lay one hand flat and press the other on top in slow rotations all across the body.

The most simple of the sexy massage tips we can give is to focus on the smoothness of each technique from motion to motion. If you’re tense, your partner will feel the tension too, and the sensuality of the massage is sure to be disrupted. That being said, this is about having fun, so don’t freak out over getting it exactly perfect – just pay attention to both of your bodies and follow what feels good.

2. Travel your way along the entire body.

An amazing massage is felt all along the body, beginning with the upper body, including shoulders, neck, and back – the most common areas of soreness. Make your way down to the butt, take your time sliding down the legs, and don’t forget to give a little love to the feet, those soldiers of our bodies, as well as the often-overlooked hands.

What comes next in our sexy massage tips is our favorite part of all – after all this touching, your partner's body is primed for arousal. Give some more love to the penis, breasts, thighs, and butt – or some of the more unusual male erogenous zones and female erogenous zones if you’re feeling daring!

3. Know the power of the right massage oil.

Another one of the simplest yet most fun sexy massage tips is to accentuate the sensations with the perfect massage oil. Certain oils have specific properties: lavender and almond are relaxing, sandalwood boosts libido, and coconut is a great stress-reducer.

When using massage oil, don’t just immediately pour it on your partner’s body; if you pour it into your hands first, it will naturally warm the oil up! You can also subtly heat the entire bottle in a bowl of warm water first.

4. Throw in a sex toy or two!

In addition to some genuinely massage-specific tools like the Fuzu Massage Glove and Massage Ball, wand massagers are yet another way to sex up your massage, doubling as a pleasure toy when the (relatively) innocent part is over.

Toys like the Pretty Love Power Massager, Wireless Halo Wand, and Bodywand Massager are some of our favorite ways to help the body relax – and those vibrations feel a whole different kind of good when you move on to the sexier regions of the body!

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