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10 Common Sex Myths—Busted!

Sex may not be as taboo as it used to be a few decades ago. But that’s not to say there are still plenty of sex myths mudding the waters. Part of the problem is sex is still shrouded in mystery. There is plenty of sexual misinformation online, but the difficulties in telling what is valid means that sex myths & misconceptions are running rampant.

To separate fact from fiction, we’ve picked 10 of the most common sex myths with the hopes of shining a light on what is really going on behind closed doors.

Men with Large Members Make Better Lovers

It’s a fact that having a humongous cock does elevate a man’s sexual performance. Bigger is not always
better. There are plenty of guys with average sized penis (5.6″ erect) or smaller who are amazing lovers between the sheets. A recent study suggests women prefer girth over length anyway. Some men may feel consumed by their penis size. But rest assured, having a large penis does not guarantee automatic access to the best-lover-in-the-world club. Men are capable of being exceptional sexual partner no matter the size of their member. What really counts is the connection and openness with your partner.

Condoms Ruin Sexual Pleasure

This is obviously a no-brainer, here. Part of the reason why some people say condoms ruin pleasure is most likely caused by an improper fit and poor lubrication. A condom that’s too big can slip around and disrupt intercourse. Having to stop and readjust an ill-fitting rubber sucks all the fun out of connecting together. And vice-versa—a condom that’s too small may cause pinching, discomfort and slow down the blood supply to the penis. For those complaining about not feeling anything, this is likely due to a lack of lubrication. Use a dabble of water-soluble lube like überlube both outside and inside the condom and you’ll both feel the difference immediately. We suggest using LELO Hex condoms for enhanced sensation and protection.

Too Much Sex Can Loosen Woman’s Vagina

The notion that someone’s vagina can be “ruined” after too much sex is probably one of the most egregious sex

myths of all. This misconception comes from the idea that the female genitalia is delicate and private and must be handled with care. In fact, the vagina is far cry from being a fragile wallflower. It has incredible internal strength and elasticity and can snap back into shape almost immediately after having sex or a baby. For women concerned about vaginal tightness, however; there are ways of improving tone with Kegel exercises. Though not entirely scientifically proven in developing nut-crushing tightness, Kegel exercises are known for enhancing blended orgasms.

Orgasm is the Goal During Sex

One of the biggest stumbling blocks during sex is the expectation of always having an orgasm. When your mind is constantly focused on the destination it can be difficult to enjoy the journey. Having distracting thoughts like “Am I there yet? Will I get there? Will I come?” can actually inhibit orgasms. Taking the orgasm out of the equation is a great way of building stronger intimate bonds with your partner, especially during foreplay. Focusing on what feels pleasurable rather than the end result makes sexual encounters feel like a new adventure.

Faking Orgasms in No Big Deal

And the best actress/actor award goes to… Pretending to have an orgasmwith your partner is a sure fire way of

ruining a loving relationship. Faking it not only leads to hurt feelings, it can cause festering resentment. Plus, you’re doing a great disservice to your lover and to yourself by not being honest. Most people appreciate a little guidance when it comes to sharing a sexual experience. So, stop with the dramatics and communicate with your partner if you’re having a hard time “coming”. There’s nothing like reaping the rewards of an honest to oh-god, oh-god! orgasm.


Sex Needs to Last for Hours

Everyone is different when it comes to their sexual routine. Some enjoy long satisfying sexual intercourse while others prefer jackrabbit style lovemaking. Whatever your preference, sex can last as long you and your partner desire. There are times brevity is necessary and is based on who, where, why, and how you are having sex. Contrary to popular belief, quickie sex sessions can be extremely pleasurable and exciting. You may not climax, but it’s a fun way of charging the sexual energy for a session later in the day.

Sex is Exactly Like the Movies

A lot of our popular culture sex myths are created by the porn industry. Now there’s absolutely nothing wrong with watching a skin flick with your partner. Unfortunately, though, porn often blurs the line between reality and fantasy. Time is money, and porn sets are well orchestrated with professionals who know how to perform for your erotic entertainment. You rarely see them using lube, grabbing tissues, or trotting off to the bathroom for a quick break. The fact is sex is an unexpected adventure. No two session are alike. Sometimes it’s noisy, messy, smelly and awkward. That’s what makes having sex so much fun.

Sex Toys Ruin Women

You can’t beat the world-wide-web when it comes to perpetuating sex myths. According to some online

“experts,” sex toys are ruining women’s appetites for sex. Perhaps the issue is not the sex toys themselves, but rather, the stigma associated with self-pleasuring. Sex toys like vibrators can actually help women reach orgasm, especially during penetration. They also let women experience enjoyment with other forms of sexual play. Although vibrators can produce intense sensations and orgasms, using one won’t hamper her response to other types of sexual stimulation. Too much of a good thing is, well, great!

Anal Sex Is Painful

Anal sex was once thought of as either “gay thing” or something reserved for super slutty women. Oh, how the times have changed! Looks like everyone is jumping on the anal sex pleasure bandwagon now. Part of it is because there is more reliable information advocating anal sex and the other is a variety of ass-friendly toys. The most common of sex myths, however, is anal sex is painful. Of course, you may experience momentary discomfort after dipping a finger, toy, or penis into unfamiliar anal waters. But do not let a little uneasiness stand in your way of incredibly unique pleasure. Anal sex pain is preventable when you also include communication, relaxation, and plenty of lube.

Men are Always Thinking about Sex

Sex myths run the gamut and often divide men and women. While it’s widely accepted men think about sex more than women, there’s really no evidence supporting that claim. Case in point. If a guy thought about sex every seven seconds, that would add up to 7,200 thoughts of sex. That leaves little room for other constructive thoughts like eating or playing video games. An interesting study done by Ohio University tracked thoughts involving food, sleep, and sex of 283 college students. They found females are nearly on equal footing with their male counterparts with an average 19 sexy thoughts per day. Phew! Glad we dispelled that one!


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