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Most people are busy making resolutions about losing weight or quitting smoking, but not you. You and your lover are breaking into the New Year right with sex resolutions! Look no further for inspiration: we’ve picked out 10 things you must try to make sex in 2018 your hottest yet!

1. I will use a couples sex toy.

Couples sex toys can be intimidating simply because we are so used to the idea of masturbation as a private act, and sex toys are typically used for masturbation. That simply isn’t true, though, and with the multitude of sex toys specifically designed for couples to use during sex, we’re sure that you and your partner can find the perfect fit for you. We’re loving the We-Vibe Sync, and we think you will too.

2. My partner and I will masturbate in front of each other.

To dovetail into the next point on our list of sex resolutions, mutual masturbation is a truly underrated act. After all, why bother masturbating in front of each other when you could just have sex? There are, however, benefits to mutual masturbation; not only can it be extremely erotic to watch someone pleasure themselves, but you may actually learn a thing or two about where and how to touch each other.

3. I will find lingerie that truly flatters my figure.

It can sometimes be difficult to find pieces that are truly figure-flattering, especially when you are shopping online. That’s why we recommend heading into a Pleasures near you, not only to browse lingerie that you can try on in the store, but also to benefit from the expertise of our in-store Romance Specialists! They are always happy to help women find the lingerie that fits them best.

4. I will wear sexy underwear for no reason.

Let’s face it: it can be all too easy to slip into an underwear routine, wearing comfy panties or boyshorts everyday. And while comfy underwear can be sexy too, there’s something scandalous about wearing crotchless panties during a regular day, not just date nights, that will boost your confidence in and out of the bedroom.

5. I will tell my partner exactly what I want.

This one sounds obvious, but lots of couples actually don’t do it. Especially when faced with the incessant barrage of what should or shouldn’t be sexy as decided by society in films and advertisements, it can be easy to assume what your partner wants, or to let them assume what they’re doing is what you want. Stop making assumptions and start expressing yourself. The sooner you do this, the sooner your sex life – whether you realized it needed a boost or not – will be so much better!

6. I will try edging.

Many people have never even heard of edging, but it could be just what your sex life needed. This technique refers to prolonging your orgasm, which can help couples have longer-lasting sex and stronger orgasms.

7. I will try squirting.

We acknowledge that squirting – also known as female ejaculation, and typically achieved through G-spot stimulation – is not for everyone. But if the idea of this sex act is something that has secretly been on your mind for some time, don’t worry: a lot of people are curious about squirting! Pick out a g-spot toy from the huge selection at and consult our guide to how to make a woman squirt. Together they should help you achieve your kinky sex resolution dreams.

8. I will find a role play scenario to enjoy.

Role play is another one of those things that isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but we think it’s a great way to break through sexual shyness and tap into a side of your personality that you might not usually reveal. Whether it’s kinky role play or classic scenarios, see if you can find a role – nurse, school teacher, medieval maiden – that’s both fun and frisky! Be sure to check out Pleasures selection of role play costumes to really take your play to the next level!

9. I will try anal sex and/or pegging.

We bundled these into one sex resolution for his-and-hers back-door sex! The taboos around both of these sex acts are diminishing by the year; it’s clear that people are ready to show each other’s rear-ends the love they deserve. Learn more about anal sex and pegging, and then explore all our anal sex toys and strap-on toys to find the right pieces for your collection.

10. I will have sex somewhere other than the bedroom.

This one seems fairly vanilla compared to some of our other sex resolutions, but there’s something so comforting about sex in our bedrooms that we have a feeling lots of couples just don’t even think about having sex elsewhere. If you need inspiration for where, get it in our list of fun places to have sex.

As might be obvious by the sex resolutions themselves, the way to make 2018 great is to follow the golden rule of Pleasures: the couple that plays together, stays together. Browse everything we have to offer for her and for him discreetly online at any time of day or stop by a Pleasure's Romance Boutique near you!

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