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Celebrate Valentine's Day Together: 10 Hot & Unique Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Instead of planning the same old date night, this year try something different to make it extra memorable! Read on for 10 hot date ideas to make Valentine’s Day 2018 your hottest ever!

1. Recreate your first date.

Whether your first date was picture perfect or maybe not so spectacular, we all have stories and memories of our early days together. Now that you know each other on a far more intimate level, you’ll find that recreating your first date can strengthen your bond. You’re sure to have sex on this first date!

2. Bake something together.

Bake a decadent treat together and in the process, improve your relationship! Baking together requires communication, teamwork, and cooperation in a less-than-stressful situation so that the two of you are improving your bond while making something delicious to eat! When your treat is ready, strip down and use each other as serving platters for messy and delicious fun! Be sure to lick your plate!

3. Karaoke – dress up for even more incognito fun!

Karaoke is a great date activity, but you can make it even more fun – and less inhibited – by dressing up in your wildest looks. Top it with a hat and sunglasses and go out for undercover fun!

4. Have a romantic breakfast together.

Start your day the right way – together! Find a local restaurant that specializes in the most important meal of the day, and make reservations for two. Or stay in your PJs and make it a breakfast date at home! That way you won’t have to wait for dessert (each other of course!).

5. Stargaze at your local planetarium.

Stargazing is romantic – there are no two ways about it! Since it’s winter and quite cold in many areas, look up planetariums online and make a date to stargaze indoors! The darkness, the quiet, and the wonder of the stars are sure to enhance your romantic evening.

6. Go to the thrift store and pick out outfits for each other to wear.

We can’t think of a more entertaining date night! You may choose to follow a theme (throwback, 80s neon, punk rocker, etc.), or do it freestyle and each of you finds a look that you feel epitomizes your lover.

7. Play a couple’s game!

Take away the element of control by playing a couple’s game together. Let the game tell you how to romance each other and you’ll probably learn something in the process! Sex Marks the Spot is a good new game to try. Lovers compete to reach the finish first so that the winner’s fantasy is brought to life. There are no losers in couple’s games!

8. Try an escape room date!

This date will get your adrenaline pumping as you work together to escape the room! Like a real life hidden object game, you’ll have to work as a team to find clues to solve the mystery.

9. Dress up and go to the club together.

Dance with wild abandon with each other – you’ll be ready for romance in no time and heading home to hit the sheets! Pleasure's has a great selection of the hottest club dresses in town! Add some foreplay to make the date extra naughty when she wears a panty vibe that he controls from anywhere in the club with the wireless remote!

10. Paint each other.

Show off your creative skills (or lack thereof!) and make portraits of each other. Alternatively, literally paint each other with an edible body paint kit like this one.

Valentine’s Day should be a fun celebration of your relationship! Go out and have fun together this year. Explore all of the enriching and exciting products designed to help you reach romantic potential with our entire collection of sex toys and lingerie for her, sex toys and menswear for him, and everything in-between – which you can always browse discreetly online or at a Pleasures store location near you.

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