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Guys, we know it’s hard to shop for your lover. There are many factors involved, including size, color, and style, that many men give up before they start when purchasing lingerie for their Valentine. We say don’t give up! Blogasm is here to offer you tips to make this Valentine gift giving season easy and rewarding!

1. Her Size

This is where your sly detective skills will come into play: you’ll need to peek into her lingerie drawer and take a look at the tags on her undies. Or, even better, offer to do her laundry so you can get a really good look AND score some major points by helping her out!

2. Her Style

You’ll need to narrow your choices down by determining what style of lingerie she prefers. The easiest way is to do

some more undercover snooping in her top drawer. If you see something that looks familiar that you like too, grab it and use our list below to determine the lingerie style you’re looking for. Here’s some help with lingerie styles:

  • Babydolls: A babydoll is a type of nightie with a fitted or loose top and a full skirt. They run from demure styles that cover everything to open bust styles for peekaboo flirtation!

  • Bodystockings: These racy numbers are skin-tight and sheer, mostly crotchless, and hosiery-inspired. There are many options with different lace and fishnet patterns. Bodystocking may be easily hidden under regular street clothing, so they are the perfect choice for your daring partner who likes sexual adventure because you can have sex easily while wearing a bodystocking.

  • Bras & Lingerie Sets: This is pretty self-explanatory. These are matched sets of bras and panties, or three piece sets with a bra, panty, and garter belt. If your lover prefers her outfits coordinated and matching, chances are good that a lingerie set will be just right for her.

  • Chemises: A chemise is another type of nightie, but with a fully fitted shape. While babydolls have full skirts, a chemise has a fitted skirt. Be sure to take a look at the back photo when shopping; some cover the tush, some don’t, some are all straps, etc. You never know what kind of surprise the back will reveal!

  • Corsets & Bustiers: Corsets are fitted pieces with stiff but flexible shaping material called boning that helps create a structured, fitted look. Corsets traditionally have lacing up the back to get a perfect, customized fit, as well as removable straps or no straps at all. Bustiers have the same qualities as corsets, but have attached shoulder straps. Both typically include garter straps that are removable and adjustable, but be sure to check product descriptions!

  • Gowns: Is your lover a drama queen? Gowns are full length lingerie pieces that make a bold impact on sight.

  • Robes: Robes are just that - they wrap around and fasten with a belt typically. They are available in sheer mesh and lace for tantalizing teasing. They are easy to take off when things heat up! And they may be layered over a chemise for a coordinated look.

  • Teddies & Rompers: A teddy is just about the easiest lingerie look to put together - because they are only one piece! Shaped like a one-piece swimsuit, you will see a full range of styles, from raunchy and bold to demure and sweet.

3. Colors and Fabrics

Take a quick look at her lingerie drawer. What color or color family do you see predominantly? You’ve got your answer! And if you’re not sure by looking at her lingerie, you can always go with bold black. We’re partial to red and pink with the Valentine’s season upon us, as well.

If your lover wears a lot of feminine designs with ruffles and lace, you’ll find so many choices. Try searching with a style keyword and you’ll love looking at the options! If bondage is your thing, how about these options! Does she love retro styles? Here are some sizzling styles to try! There’s a good chance you’ll find a lingerie piece that matches her style. Just remember, you want her to be comfortable in whatever you choose! The more comfortable she is, the more intimacy you can count on!

For all the best Valentine’s Day gift choices, our entire collection of Valentine’s Day lingerie for her, Valentine’s Day men’s bedroom wear, romantic gifts, or daring gifts gives you all the options you need to make sure this Valentine’s Day is red hot! Browse discreetly online or at a Pleasure's Lane location near you.

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