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Examine Your Fetish with Medical Instruments

For some people, medical play started in childhood and culminated into a kinky sexual fetish in adulthood. For other, a visit to a gynecologist or urologists was the beginning of their medical play fantasies. The embarrassing arousal caused by the feeling of a speculum spreading your vagina open or the insertion of a cold urethral sound stirred a sensation you can never get enough of. Whatever your case, medical role-play is one of the most popular BDSM practices.

Medical plays involve role plays of doctors, nurses and patients. The Dom naturally assumes the role of a doctor or a nurse examining and performing intimate-medical procedures on the patient (Sub). For perfection and precision, the patients is often dressed in humiliating costumes or left naked, restrained and gagged.

The examination is a key part of the medical play

When it comes to medical play, the stage is set to explore your curiosities and feed your fetish fantasizes. The examination involves playing with the genitals and breast. It includes object insertions into various orifices, sensory plays or even enemas and electro stimulation. This is a perfect time to experiment your medical sex toys and re-create your fantasizes.

Although your hands are your best tools, the examination defines the type of equipment’s you will need.

Here is a guide to shopping for medical instruments.

1. Determine the Type of Examination

Medical role play includes a variety of examinations and tests. To test your patient’s orgasm sensitiveness, a clitoris stimulator and pinwheel are essential tools to have. Speculums and spreaders are also needed for vaginal, anal or mouth inspections. Open up the anal cavity for a nice deep enema and to allow a refreshing flow of air. Or insert a warm probe for a deep medical prostrate milking of a lifetime.

Use mouth spreaders open up your patient’s mouth for a dental inspection. Or stretch out their urethra and give them a cold urethral sounding. Run a pinwheel around their nipples or penis to test their skin and nerves sensitivity as you probe them.

Play some therapy test. Introduce electro sex with medical E-Stim toys for anal and vaginal play. Consider introducing vacuum games with vagina, penis or nipples pumps and cupping sets. Make them scream out with dark body arching eroticism and multiple orgasms.

With all this excitement, you will need to invest in restraints like handcuffs to keep your patient still. Pick medical themed cuffs and collars to authenticate the play. Take thing to the next level, get harnesses and bed restraints for when your patient is extremely out of control, maybe even dangerous. The possibilities are endless. Your intention is to tap the most vulnerable and frightening spots of the patient.

2. Consider the Size

Medical instruments like any other sex toys come in different sizes ranging from small to extra-large. For beginners, it’s advisable to start small and work your way up into larger and more daring sizes. For toys such as dilators and spreaders, pay attention to the total operable diameter. Some open to larger diameters than others giving you more options to insert larger dildos or plugs. The right size also applies to other items including gloves, aprons and robes. The more fitting they are the better they look and feel.

3. Consider the Material

Most medical instruments use stainless steel metal because it is body safe and easy to sterilize. Besides, it already has a medical feel to it. Other materials including disposable plastics and latex are commonly used. Stainless steel and disposable plastics are used on insertable instruments such as speculums, spreaders, penis plugs, urethral sounds, penis clitoris stimulators, enhances among others. Steel last longer. On the other hand, disposable plastic eliminates the need for cleaning and storage after use. Latex is common on medical gloves. While cotton fabric is used in making medical apparels such as robes, head gears and aprons.

4. Consider Lubricant Compatibility

The type of lubricant to use is entirely dependent on the type of materials you choose. Metal is compatible with all types of lubricant. If your plastic and latex materials include any silicone components, stick to water-based lubricants. Silicone lubricants will react and damage the surface of your sex toys rendering them unusable.

Medical Play Safety: Dos and Don’ts

While medical play is an exciting practice, it is important to play safe and sensibly.


  • Only play medical bondage with a trusted partner.

  • Wash your hands with a sterilizer and wear surgical gloves.

  • Sterilize your toys and play spaces thoroughly before play. Use a sterilizing machine for the toys and wipe the spaces (tables, trays, sinks) with alcohol swab.

  • Go slow. Start small and work up your way to more advanced instruments and procedures. Discontinue play if there is pain or extreme discomfort. Little discomfort is normal.

  • Use plenty of lubricant to make insertion and removal smooth.

  • After play, ensure the submissive gets plenty of rest to recover both physically and mentally from the experience. Some people, especially beginners go through withdrawal in case a scene reminds them of a painful real medical experience they had previously suffered.


  • Don’t force in any medical devices into the body.

  • Don’t use anal relaxers during medical play. Your body need to be naturally sensitive in case you overstretch or accidently pierce body muscles.

  • Don’t introduce medical play procedures you are not sure of. You risk causing injury or other traumatizing damage to your partner.

  • Study and understand the basics of the human anatomy before engaging in medical plays. This will help you effectively use medical tools to stimulate and pleasure your patient without hurting them

  • Don’t share your medical equipment's. You risk transfer of STIs and UTIs to both you and your partners.

If the idea of medical play is what intrigues your sexual fantasies, Pleasures is here to help you fulfil them. Whether you are just getting started on medical play or already a seasoned fetish, Pleasures got you covered. Our medical collections include spreaders, anal and vaginal speculums, separators, forceps, percussion hammers, gags, urethral sounds, pinwheels and more. Break your bondage limits and explore your medical fetish with a willing equally adventurous partner.


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