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Fill Up With A Fist Up

Whether you have already tried it out or was excited by your dear friend, fist fucking is exceptionally sensational. The experience is made even more pleasurable if you pick the right fist dildo for you. Every inch of the fisting dildo will be heavenly sensational. Finger yourself and then insert a fist dildo for toe curling orgasms. Or stick it in the bathroom and enjoy a mind-numbing shower fisting. If your partner is as adventurous, insert them a vibrating fist dildo and watch as they twist and moan with insatiable eroticism. Leave them to savor the moments as you stimulate and tickle their other erogenous zones. Fuck them up so deep until they are begging for mercy. Once you learn how to enjoy these ‘full-up’ sensations, you and your partner will certainly need to rewrite your sexual fantasies.

But first things first!

Factors to Consider When Choosing Fist Dildos

Contemplate on the Size

Although fist dildos are meant to represent a normal human fist, the dildos do vary in girth and length. Some have slim girths and short insertable lengths. Others have large girths and long insertable girths. However, it’s important to note that fist dildos are categorized as large dildos meaning, what is regarded as slim or small in this category is still not beginner or intermediate friendly. Choose a size that is close to your large dildo that you can comfortably accommodate. If you still are not sure about your size, count how many fingers you can comfortably insert in your vagina or anal. Measure the resulting circumference and choose a fist dildo closest to that measurement. For length, this entirely depends on how far deep you want to fist. Longer lengths allow you to achieve deeper penetrations, explore your creativity!

Contemplate on the Tip-Shape

Different fist dildos will come with different tip shapes. Some are easier to insert than others. The ‘silent duck’ which has the fingers stretched straight with the thumb curved inside the palm is one of the easiest to insert and most recommended for newbies. Others have clenched fists shapes. These are much more difficult to insert but extremely sensational especially for fisting pros who have already defied the odds of anal and vaginal stretching.

If you have already used large and extra-large dildos and butt plugs, whichever tip-shape you choose will work just fine. But remember to always go slow and be gentle to your body.

Think about the Material

Fist dildos are made from different materials including silicone, rubber, jelly, latex, PVC and TPR. These materials are mostly preferred because they are pliable, smooth and squishy thus; offer a comfortable insertion and almost realistic feel. However, they differ in their characteristics and maintenance needs making some more superior than others. Silicone is hypoallergenic, waterproof and cleans easily. However, it reacts with silicone lube and other silicone toys. Latex is waterproof and offers a raw feel during penetration. But it tends to cause allergic reactions for people with sensitive skin. Rubber, jelly and PVC are porous and may encourage bacteria growth and Moulding. You will need to spend more time cleaning and drying your fist dildos made from these materials to make sure they are safe for next time. Whichever material you prefer, make sure to buy from notable adult shops like Pleasures to make sure you get the best quality.

Contemplate added Unique Features

A fist dildo by itself is exceptional. But who wouldn’t want some extra stimulation? Here at Pleasures, we have fist dildo with multiple speeds vibrating bullets. For some hands-free pleasure, why not choose a fist dildo with a suction cup. Stick it in the bathroom or other furniture around your house and enjoy an anal or vaginal fisting that will leave you oozing with pleasure. Unleash your erotic artistry darling!

Contemplate on Fisting Gel Compatibility

When it comes to fisting, you need to go for thicker anal lubes or fisting gels to make the experience more comfortable and pleasurable. Different materials are compatible with different types of lubricants and gels. We recommend that you use silicone lubes and gels as they are thicker and provide more cushion during insertion and thrusting. But stick to water-based lubricants and gels if your fist dildo material is made of silicone or has silicone compounds. Note that silicone lubes reacts with silicone material damaging the surface of your dildo. Most reputable adult shops like Pleasures tend to list the type of lube or gel to use with specific toys on the product portfolio. If not listed, be sure to read the manufacturer user manual to know which fisting gel is compatible with your material.

Step-by –Step Guide to Using Fist Dildos

1. Clean Yourself and your Dildo

Before using your dildo, make sure to thoroughly clean and sterilize it. You might also need to take a shower to help yourself relax and create a clean play area. If you are considering anal fisting, a douching before play will significantly make things more pleasant.

2. Use plenty of Lube

The material and personal preference will determine which type of lube you use. Choose a thick and longer lasting sex lube or gel. Make sure to be extra generous.

3. Start the Insertion

Fist dildos even those regarded as small can deliver quite a punch. If you haven’t indulged in fisting before, start with smaller toys to relax your body and open up your anal or vaginal cavity. Never skip foreplay. Take your time and be gentle. The knuckles are the most difficult part to insert. But once you get through that, the rest of the dildo will be naturally pulled in. Always be keen, in case of extreme pain or discomfort, it’s time to stop.

4. Explore Your Spots

Once inside, you can explore different sensations by twisting and thrusting the dildo. Be sure to stimulate other erogenous zone for ultimate pleasure.

Enjoy a solo fisting moment with classical fisting dildos from Pleasures. Choose from our wide collection of our wide range of fist dildos, vibrating fist dildos, double fist dildos and everything sexual you will need to make your fisting session perfectly sensual.


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