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Full Guide: How to Buy Bullet Vibrators

Bullet vibrators are loaded with pleasure, whether you are a beginner or have been playing with toys for a while, these tinny Oblong shaped toys will surprise you. With their small size, bullet vibrators easily fit in your pocket or purse, making for a travel-friendly adult novelty for fun anywhere you are. Bullet vibrators were primarily used by women to stimulate and teasing the clitoris. However, with rising popularity, Pleasures now have bullet vibrators with cock rings, dildos, freshlights and more. Whatever your sexual orientation, you will love the teasing and tingling pleasures of a bullet vibrator. Masturbation no longer the same once you master the art of stimulating your clitoris. Lie down and make and eagle position, open yourself up and let your partner tease and tantalize your clitoris with a bullet vibrator while suckling your nipples. You will be so fired up; he will dance from the tunes of your moans. As a couple, get a vibrating clit stimulator for her and a vibrating cocking him. Let him wear his ring as he fucks you and stimulates you with a bullet vibrator. Some vibrating cock rings have a rabbit clit-massager allowing him to pummel you and massage your clitoris, while at the same time leaving his hands free to stimulate your other erogenous area, what about a thrusting- spanking, or a nipple pull? It is simply a matter of creativity.

Bullet vibrators are tones of fun, but if you are a beginner in sex toys, the vast industry can be confusing, sometimes even intimidating. This guide is meant to help your choose the perfect bullet vibrator for maximum pleasure.

Things to Consider when Buying Bullet Vibrators

Personal Needs

This is largely dictated by your sexual orientation, personal desires and sexual fantasies. Bullet vibrators come in different sex toys including dildos, butt plugs, anal probers, clito stimulator, penis strokers and more. So think about how you intend to use your bullet vibrator as you purchase. As a woman, a vibrating-clit stimulator is supper fun for other your clitoris and breast. Also think about how you intend to be pleasured, are you looking for anal or vaginal stimulation, because this will determine the toys you choose. There are bullet vibrators that are removable, meaning you can use the same vibrator with multiple toys that have a place where you can hook the bullet. This comes in handy especially for people looking for versatility in vibrating toy play.

You also need to consider water compatibility. Will you be taking the vibrator to the shower or pool? Then get a waterproof bullet vibrator. This might be a little expensive, but the pleasure packed here is exceptional. Imagine yourself relaxing with a bathtub adored with essential oils and sea salts while at the same time enjoying a toe-curling orgasm form your vibrating clito-stimulator or vibrating butt plug. In short, analysis all your personal needs and desires to guide you to the toys that will fulfil all your dreams.


Most bullet vibrators come in silicone, rubber or glass. Silicone is the most preferred because it is waterproof and hypoallergenic hence safe for all skin types. Jelly rubber and silicone are also bend allowing the vibrators to easily contour with the body. Glass is also becoming very popular because of its exotic simmering. It is also easy to clean, hypoallergenic and compatible with all types of lubes making it a personal favorite for many people. The material depends on your texture preference, however non-porous and easy to clean materials are most preference especially for penetrative bullet vibrators.

Power Source

Bullet vibrators can be powered by the main wall power system, rechargeable batteries or regular disposal batteries. Main powered vibrators are intense and guarantee proper activity till the end, unless the power goes out. However, you will be confined to near the wall, and if the cord is not long enough, it might get in the way of your pleasure. Rechargeable are now the most popular power sources in the market. However, the rechargeable batteries are not as powerful as main or regular batteries, although some people find them supper intense. However, they cut down on battery expenses and are travel-friendly. All you need is pack your charger and you are free to have fun anywhere you go. On the other side, regular batteries are powerful and portable. However, they might be expensive to buy new once every time they are running low. They can also be bulky especially if you travel frequently, because you need to carry around several extra pairs.

Vibrating Speeds

Some vibrating bullets are programmed with single powerful speed while others have multiple speeds that can be adjusted at will. You can also find vibrating bullets with remote controls which have multiple functions making it easier to operate while in any position. You also don’t have removed the bullet to adjust the speeds, the remote or control pad will do the handy-work for you.

Enjoy some buzz in your sex life with vibrating bullets here at Pleasures. Turn your butt plug with a finger loop into a vibrating anal plug with our multi-speed vibrating bullets. Sex satisfaction is only achieved if you are bold and willing to explore the wonders and pleasures of your body. Master the art of clitoris teasing with a vibrating clito-massager. Multiply your penetrative pleasure vibrating cock rings and vibrating strapless strap-ons. Here at Pleasures, we have a wide variety of bullet vibrators all designed for your pleasure. You don’t need to be shy about your pleasure. Whatever your sexual orientation, we have you covered with high-quality sex toys, condoms, sex lubricants, vibrators and more. Pleasures offer discreet packaging and shipping on all items ensuring you ultimate privacy.


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