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Naughty or Nice: Spank Me Twice

How to Buy Spankers and Ticklers this Holiday Season

You have already experienced a hand spank to your butt. You can still feel the unintentional ouch that sends an itch between your legs. You are now looking to awaken these extra sensations into your bedroom, just with a new erotic intensity. Spankers and ticklers are a nice place to start.

While your hands may do the trick, there are never as effective as a feather tickler or a paddle. These devices tease and tantalize your nerves into body numbing sensations. And while your thought pain can’t be erotic, a stingy or thuddy sensation does excite your body into a kind of arousal that gets your performing like a movie star.

Although spanking and tickling are associated with BDSM punishment scenarios, nice and gentle vanilla couples get to enjoy them during foreplay and sexual intercourse. A painful thud on the butt might be the push you need for a strong, body-wrecking orgasm.

But if you are just getting started, you might be a little lost on which spanking, paddles, floggers and ticklers to pick. Pleasures got you covered! Here is a guide on the things you should consider when shopping.

How to Shop for Spankers and Ticklers

Consider your Level of Interest

Tickling and spanking can be mild or excoriatingly painful. So defining the level of pain and pleasure you deserve will guide you on the items you will need. If you are just testing the waters, a single feather or a bundle of faux fur can be a good spot to start. Spanking can be a little trickier because different materials will deliver different kinds of sensations. Some floggers, paddles and whips will sting while others will feel like thunder just come on you. As you start, try furry or padded paddles. Once you are more advanced, you can go up to more intense devices like floggers, whips and canes. These deliver a pain that will make you feel the punishment for days after. Reputable retailers like Peaches and Screams will always highlight the kind of impact offered by each product. However, it’s always advisable to start slow until you define how much pain gets your fiery aroused.

Know the Size Differences

When it comes to teasing and spanking, size truly does matter. The smaller the device, the sharper the impact delivered. For ticklers, you will need a combination of the two. A small one for when you want a precise tickle on the clit, armpits or under the knee. And a bigger bunch for when you want to drive you partner crazy with full body teasing.

For Spankers, the bigger the surface, the less it stings. For beginners, go for larger more round surface areas to achieve a thuddy massage sensation. As you get more advanced, thin, spiked and long floggers and canes maybe the only thing that turns you on. But every strike will sting like a bee.

Understand the Materials

Different materials and textures will deliver distinct sensations. The most common materials include feathers, fur, pony hair, leather, silicone, wood and metal.

When used on ticklers, feather, pony hair and fur provide a teasing and tantalizing sensations that will leave your body with goosebumps. It will feel like a thousand butterflies are teasing your skin all at the same time.

When used on spankers, soft flexible materials such as leather and silicone offer a stinging sensation, if the right force and power is applied. Hard strikes can be extremely painful. On the other hand, hard and rigid materials like glass, wood and metal provide a thuddy sensation that is insanely deep and sensational. Be sure to start slow and gently and build up more intensity as you break your pain thresholds.

As you settle on the materials that entices your desires, consider the cleaning procedures involved. Some materials such as leather, feathers and fur require extra attention to preserve their quality and shine. If you plan to share your spankers and ticklers, go for non-porous easy to sterilize materials for hygiene and health purposes.

Consider Unique Advantage

Different ticklers and spankers come designed with special features to increase stimulation delivered. Some are fitted with vibrations. Some have E-Stim capabilities. Others come incorporated with a butt plug. Thing about which features add the kink you want to your games. The best sexual performance is one that has been well- thought out and executed with precision.

Spanking and Tickling Safety Tips

  • Tickling involves a lot of writhing and flinging. If your partner is restrained, be keen to avoid over tightening the restraints which risk cutting off blood circulation.

  • Avoid using gags or bits during a tickling session. The laugh effect of tickling might cause them to choke.

  • Only spank the fleshy parts of the body preferably buttocks and upper thighs. Avoid the back, spine, ribs, tail-bone and kidney areas.

  • Alternate strikes to different parts to prevent over sensitizing one area, which can be extremely painful.

  • Discuss the desires intensity and establish as safe word beforehand. Stop immediately if the safe word is used.

  • Make sure to provide proper aftercare once the games are over. A hard spanking session might leave your partner feeling emotionally vulnerable or pained. Take good care of them; apply an after-spanking or Aloe vera gel to cool and moisturize the skin. Also reassure them of their worth and importance in the relationship. Aftercare should never be an afterthought, make it an integral part of your play to increase trust and intimacy.

You know the feeling; let in laughter and bittersweet pleasure into your bedroom. Buy and use spankers and ticklers from Pleasures and make your lover cum with multiple orgasms. Stamp your bondage status with tantalizing layers of teasing, twisting and screaming with just the right dose of pain and pleasure. Spice things up with other sex toys from Pleasures to make the senses even more erotic. Insert a butt plug and vibrating dildo as you tease and tantalize her skin. Spank him hard as you pump his penis and milk his prostate. Until your lover’s toes are curling and eyes rolling with blissful carnality, there is still much more you can do.


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