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So you want some advice about sex? You have come to the right spot! Toni Talks Toys is an interactive video blog that gives you an inside look at the top selling toys, how to use them and tips and tricks to pleasure yourself and your partner! 

About Toni

Toni Kennedy is the Director of Training & Education at Pleasures Romance Boutique. She has received training from leading manufacturers and educators within the sex industry including the Center of Sexual Pleasure and Health (C.S.P.H.), Loveology University, and The Institute for Life Coach Training. She has even coined herself a "professional sex nerd". 

Using her more than 10 years of experience, Toni's positive approach to sexuality is a beacon of knowledge for organizations, local media, and store patrons. She also creates and presents workshops, parties and conferences. Additionally, Toni coaches singles and couples of all sexual orientations with orgasm and desire difficulties, sexual communication and product selections.Throughout the years, Toni has provided the Tennessee Valley with practical, honest and medically accurate sexuality information. Her goal as a "professional sex nerd" is to empower her clientele to reach their full sexual potential.

Channel Your Inner Sex Goddess Event This Saturday At Huntsville Location!

TouchDown Tips

August 29, 2017

Game season is here!!! Try these tantalizing tips and score on and off the field!

Fantasy Football

Try putting on some very sexy lingerie under your "gameday" T-shirt! During halftime give him a sneak peek of what's to come after the game is over!

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Toni Talks Sex Store Life Hacks

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