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Actually, it’s not a myth – the male g-spot, or p-spot, does exist! But not many people realize that it’s located in the prostate. And surprisingly, when it comes to discussions about men and sexual stimulation, the word “prostate” doesn’t come up a lot. But it should – because it can be an amazing source of pleasure.

What Is The Prostate?

While “prostate” isn’t exactly the sexiest word to say (seriously, who names these things?) it does serve a vital function as a gland that’s part of a man’s sexual and reproductive system. In fact, the prostate is similar to the Skene’s glands in women, which is where the woman’s G-spot is located.

You’ll find the prostate in a man’s lower abdomen, behind the penis and below the bladder. It’s about the size of a walnut and it swells up when aroused. Because the prostate is located inside the body, you can massage it by stroking the perineum or the rectal walls around it.

Is Prostate Massage Good For You?

Massaging the prostate can feel amazing! Prostate stimulation can lead to stronger and multiple orgasms and some men can orgasm just from stroking the prostate itself. Though it might be easier to have a partner stimulate the prostate, there are a few ways a man can DIY.

Although there hasn’t been a lot of research into the benefits of prostate massage, many doctors claim it can improve health, including decreasing the risk of prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction. Massaging any part of the body will increase blood flow, which helps remove toxins. That’s especially true when massaging the prostate since arousal creates additional blood flow. So whether someone’s interested in prostate massage for pleasure or for health benefits, it’s a win-win. Con’t on page 2

Keeping It Clean

The most frequently asked question: Are things going to get… messy? It doesn’t have to be.

Once a person has emptied their bowels, there shouldn’t be much or anything left behind. However, certain medications or a lack of fiber may cause stool to be left behind, so a person dealing with these issues or someone who is very concerned about cleanliness may want to use an enema or anal douche before play. If you still think things may get messy, lay a towel down on the bed first or use latex or non-latex gloves to reduce cleanup.

How Does It Work?

There are two ways to massage and stimulate the prostate externally and internally:

The perineum – This is the external area between the testicles and the anus. Stroking this area and applying different levels of pressure can get happy results. This is a great start point for those who want to explore p-spot play but are hesitant to stimulate anally.

The rectum – This is the most direct way to access the prostate. It’s highly advised to use lube, lots of lube (and clip the fingernails) for this experience, as the rectal tissues are very sensitive and delicate. Once in, the prostate is located about two inches into the rectal canal. The prostate will feel like a walnut-sized lump. Once found, stroke it with a fingertip, applying different levels of pressure to find what feels right.

Hands-Free Assistance

Another way to stimulate the prostate is with any variety of prostate toys – are you carrying a

good selection for your customers? Once again, you can never have too much lube, so it’s a great opportunity to stock additional lube bottles next to these devices. One of the more popular prostate devices on the market is the Aneros HelixSyn. This remarkable device is hands-free, perfect for beginners or advanced, and made with a body-safe “velvet touch” silicone. Some other popular products in this category include the Pretty Love Eudora Vibrating Prostate Massager, whichhas a unique tickling feature and the Nexus Revo Stealth Remote Control Rotating Prostate Massager, which controls stimulation up to 49 feet away, allowing for greater freedom of movement and partner play. Another remote-controlled device is the Malestation Remote Control Lover Rider, which comes with 11 different functions for mind-blowing stimulation. If you have a customer who is a pro at prostate play, encourage them to upgrade to the Malestation 5-piece Prostate Massager Kit, which comes with an anal douche, black pearl rings, massager and storage bag.

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