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Bedroom Essentials: Water-Based Sex Lube

It’s no lie, sex is fun and romantic. It is in fact the foundation of a strong and healthy relationship. But sometime, women with busy and stressful lifestyles or approaching menopause may experience vaginal dryness causing painful sex intercourse. Using a sex lubricant can help moisturize the vaginal walls and reduce friction during sex. But even without vaginal dryness, some sexual activities like masturbation, anal sex or toy play naturally need lubrication. And when it comes to finding an all-rounded sex lubricant that can be used across all sexual acts, you can never go wrong with water-based sex lubricants.

Water based sex lubricants are most popular for their versatility. Water is the main ingredient which makes them highly body safe and gentle to the skin. They can be used for penetrative and non- penetrative sex. Unlike their silicone and oil-based counterparts, water-based sex lubricants are compatible with all sex toy and condom materials including silicone and latex. And it is because of these reasons that they are the most preferred lubes for erotic sex toy plays and protected sexual intercourse.

Although water-based sex lubricants tend to dry out quickly, you can reapply to reactivate the silky and smooth feeling. This can actually add some intimacy to the session when playing with a partner. The re-application allows time for communication and eye contact hence more bounding. And if you haven’t figured, the process of removal, application and reinsertion can actually give you a longer lasting erection.

Unless artificially scented, water-based sex lubricants are odorless and tasteless. For people with sinus allergies, this is a great advantage to a silent and silky-smooth sexual experience. Water based sex lubricants are also reputed for being non-staining to cloths and sheets. They wash easily with just water making sure you don’t need to deal with an aftermath of sticky and stained sheets. However, this advantage can easily because a downside if you were hoping for a steamy shower sex.

While you might already know the type of lubricant you want, choosing the right water-based sex lubricants for you and your partner can be overwhelming. Water based sex lubricants are made from composition of different ingredients and have various sensations, consistencies and flavors, each giving a unique kind of advantage. Here are some factors to consider when choosing water-based sex lubricants.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Water Based Sex Lubes

Pay Extra Attention to the Ingredients

While water is the main ingredient in water-based sex lubricants, other additives and preservatives are used to give the lube its viscosity and longer shelf life. Some of the ingredients can irritate your skin or cause allergic reactions. These can increase your risk of infections. Here are some ingredients to avoid:

  • Glycerin and Sorbitol: These are mostly found in most scented and flavored lubricants. The sugary compounds can irritate the skin and increase chances of getting yeast infections in women.

  • Parabens (Methylparaben and Propylparaben): These preservatives are used to increase the shelf life of most sex lubricants and cosmetic products. They can cause allergic reactions for people with sensitive skin. Parabens are also absorbed by the body and metabolize in the breast and ovaries. Medical studies have linked them to breast and ovarian cancers in women.

  • Polyquaternium-15: This preservative is also common in sex lubricants and cosmetics. When used for anal sex, it can damage the rectal lining and increases HIV replication.

  • Nonoxynol-9: This is mostly used in spermicidal lubes. When used frequently, it can irritate the vaginal walls and increase your susceptibility to sexually transmitted infections and diseases.

  • L-arginine: This is mostly used in arousal lubricants. Avoid this if you have a herpes infection as it can encourage an outbreak.

  • Menthol: This is commonly present in warming or cooling water-based lubricants. It can cause vaginal tissue dryness.

If you are prone to allergic reactions, apply a small amount of the lubricant inside your wrist to test for allergic reactions. Your wrist is a highly sensitive area, and any reaction will represent how the lube will react with your genitals.

Consider Scents and Flavors

On their neutral form, water-based sex lubricants are odorless, colorless and tasteless. But some come scented and flavored to add a sensual advantage to the sexual experience. Others are edible to add some tastiness to oral sex and erotic massages. You can choose from lavender, strawberry, banana, mint, orange and more. Let your personal preferences and tastes guide you.

Consider Extra Sensations

Whether you are playing solo or with a partner, you will find warming, cooling and tingling water-based sex lubricants quite sensational. Warming lubricants will create a warming sensation to your genitals increasing the blood circulation. Every rub will feel intensely sensational, leaving you with a comfortable afterglow lasting a few hours longer. The cooling lubricants give you a tingling cooling sensation that will truly shiver your spine. For those suffering from pre-ejaculations, grab climax control water-based sex lubricants and numb your penis just a little bit. The desensitization will give you a longer lasting erection, earning you a few more minutes to pleasure your partner. You might be surprised to find out all you needed to reactivate your sex life, is some extra sensation!

With water-based sex lubricants in your bedroom essentials, you are set for whatever sexual play you want to indulge. Revamp your sex life, buy and use water-based sex lubricants from Pleasures. We have an array of water-based sex lubricants, flavored water-based sex lubricants, warming water-based sex lubricants, cooling water-based sex lubricants and more. Order water-based sex lubricants now and unleashes your erotic creativity. Pleasure yourself or your partner without worrying about nasty irritations or risk damaging your sex toys. Set your erotic desires free. Only you can be the master of your own sexual gratification.


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