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Full Guide: Flavored Lubes & Oils

The mind is the strongest sexual organ in the human body. If it is stimulated right, the physical aspects respond with the highest of intensities. Adding smell and taste to sexual activities can entice the brain creating a pleasurable twist to your sex life. That’s where flavored lubricants and oils come in. While some people love the salty taste of vaginal and penile secretions, most find them unpleasantly. You can change the taste of your vagina or penis to your partner’s favorite candy or dessert. Most flavored lubricants and oils are edible making for super sensual erotic plays. Simply massage the penis and balls with a chocolate flavored lubricant and let your partner lick it of like a tasty Choco bar.

Or you can apply a drop of strawberry or cherry flavored lubricant on your partner’s most erogenous zones and give them a mouth bath. Try the neck or nipples. Apply a drop of your favorite lubricant and deep kiss with both your lips and tongue. You can spice thing up with a warming, tingling or cooling flavored lubricants and oils. Massage the clitoris with a warming lubricant and breathe down or blow between her legs. Run your fingers in little, slow circular moves and watch as her lips swell up with excitement. Then take them in and let the tongue go through her vagina opening. Lick her up wet, always remembering to intensify the sensation with your warm breath. Let her legs shake with toe-curling orgasms. Change the latex taste of dams and condoms with flavored lubricants. Line your partner’s butt with a dam smoothened with a vanilla lubricant and gives them a sensual warm oral-anal stimulation.

Sex doesn’t have to be about the genitalia all the time. Why not give your partner a relaxing erotic massage with flavored lubricants and oils. Set the sense right. Light a few flavored erotic candles and help them take a cleansing bath. Lay them on the bed and give them a muscle deep sensual massage with flavored oils. As they moan out with relaxation and arousal, turn on the lights with wet kisses all over their sweet spots. Make lasting memories with flavored lubricants and oils. Keep your pleasure delivery so entrancing such that every time your partner smells your chosen scents, they think of you.

With flavored lubricants and oils in your bedroom essentials, you can pleasure and be pleasured in ways you have never before. All you need is to choose the right flavored lubricants and oils for you and your partner and unleash your erotic artistry. But with hundreds of flavored lubricants and oils in the market, choosing just one or several flavors can be a daunting task.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Flavored Lubricants and Oils

Consider the Ingredients

Flavored lubricants and oils are either water-based or oil-based. They can be used for oral sex, penetrative sex or massage. Like with all other lubricants, always pay attention to the ingredient composition to make sure your choice does not have anything that can irritate your skin or cause allergic reactions. If you plan to use them for penetrative sex, make sure to choose glycerin free lubricants and oils. Glycerin is a sugary compound that can increase your risks of getting a yeast infection or other urinary tract infections (UTIs). If you are not sure of the ingredient's effects to your body, do your research on each. You can also take an allergy test by applying a little amount of the lube on the inner side of your elbow and leave on for a few hours. If no irritation appears on the skin, then you can comfortably use the lube sexually or orally.

Consider the Scents

Flavored lubricants and oils are intended to involve smell and taste into the sex play. To achieve this exotic goal, flavored lubricants and oils come in various scents and fragrances options including fruit flavors like strawberry, orange, and cherry. Dessert flavors like vanilla, mint, chocolate and flora scents like lavender, rosemary and frankincense. Find scents and fragrances that awaken both you and your partner’s senses. You can start with scents of your favorite candies. Mix and match scents until you find a personal favorite.

Consider the Consistency

While flavored lubricants and oils are either water or oil based, the consistency varies greatly. Water-based flavored lubricants and oils are thicker and may give you more cushions during penetrative sex. However, they have a low constituency and dry up quickly. You will require a few re-applications during intercourse. But they are less messy and wash away easily from your cloths and sheets. Oil based flavored lubricants and oils are silkier than water-based and provide a higher consistency. They also last longer making them suitable for penile and body massage. These will live your skin softer and moisturized long after play. Consider how you want to use the lube and evaluate the benefits of each to pick one that suits your erotic needs.

Whether you want to spice up your oral sex or just invite some new flavors and sensations to your bedroom, Pleasures got you covered. We have wide variety of personal lubricants, flavored lubes for sex, water based flavored lubes, flavored massage oils, flavored sex gels, oil based flavored lubes and more. Pleasures has partnered with your favorite brands such as Kama Sutra, Durex, Astroglide, among others to deliver you the best quality and authentic flavored lubricants and oils.


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