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How to Buy Bunny Vibrators

The bunny vibrator has revolutionized how women experience orgasm making them the most popular sex toy essential for every woman. Wit multi-functional and extra-stimulating features, the bunny vibes are designed to offer you internal and external stimulation making for extra-powerful orgasm. From rotating beaded shafts to thrusting shafts and backdoor teasers, the bunny vibrators will certainly leave you breathless. Here are a few tips to choosing a perfect bunny vibe for you.

Tips to Buying the Perfect Bunny Vibrators


Bunny vibrators come as either queen sizes or petite sizes. The queen sizes comprise of the medium and large vibrators more suitable for experienced players. The petite also commonly called mini are small hence, more suitable for beginners. You might also want to choose a small and discreet model if you travel frequently. Pleasures make sure to list the size of the vibrator on the product description page for your consideration.

Consider Different Designs

Dual Vibration Bunny Vibrator

As a beginner, the dual vibrating bunny vibrator makes a perfect choice to explore new blended stimulations form a vibrator. It has a vibrating shaft and a vibrating bunny clit-stimulator giving you an experience of blended climaxes.

Triple Stimulation Bunny Vibrator

For experienced vibe users who want to take things a notch-higher, a triple stimulation bunny vibrator is a perfect choice. It has a bunny clitoral attachment for clit- stimulation, a main shaft for vaginal penetration and a anal shaft allowing you to multiply your pleasure. These are perfect for solo play.

Consider the source of Power

Most often, bunny vibrators are powered by rechargeable batteries or regular disposal batteries. Rechargeable batteries are becoming more popular in the market. This is because they are save you money in the long-ran and are very travel friendly. The downside is that they are not as very strong, though some people find them perfectly intense. On the other hand, some people love bunny vibrators that are powered by regular batteries because they are more powerful. However, they tend to run-low quickly which can make maintaining the vibrator quite expensive. They are also not very travel- friendly as you will have to carry several pairs which can be bulky.


When choosing materials for bunny vibrators, you need something that is firm but still bendable to contour with your body. You also need a material that is easy to clean and sterilize for hygiene and safety purposes. Bunny vibrators are made from different materials with the most common being come in silicone, rubber, jelly and hard plastics. Silicone and hard plastics are the most popular because they are waterproof and easy to clean. Silicone Jelly and rubber are firm and bend allowing the vibrators to easily contour with the body. They also have a lifelike feel that is warm and extremely pleasurable. But you need to be extra careful when choosing materials to avoid buying poor quality. Purchase from reputable brands and retailers like Peaches and Screams to have a guarantee on quality. If you choose a porous material, avoid sharing it with your partner(s) as porous materials tend to encourage bacterial growths hence, spread of infections. Be sure to also clean and sterilize all your bunny vibrators thoroughly before and after every use.

Consider other Advanced Features

Bunny vibrators are designed to maximize and multiply your stimulation. So think about other additional features that would make your playtime even more fulfilling. New models now come with rotating beads and shafts, curved shafts to boost G-spot stimulation, thrusting and stoking shafts and more. Each of these features will give you a unique experience and is worth trying.

If you like enjoying some water pleasure alone with or with a partner, you may want to consider a waterproof bunny vibrator. Made from waterproof and easy to clean materials, these dildos are simply exceptional. Relax in the bathtub and pour yourself a glass of wine. Set the right speeds and let the vibrator take you to nirvana. You will certainly love the day after that.

How to Use a Bunny Vibrator

Hygiene is paramount when it comes to playing with sex toys. Before using your bunny vibrator, make sure you clean and sterilize it thoroughly.

• Make sure that your bunny is fully charged or has a fresh set of batteries. This will ensure you don’t run low during play.

• Apply plenty of lube to both yourself and the toy to reduce friction and make for an easy insertion.

• Warm up yourself by fingering your clitoris and applying some minimum vibrations. This makes sure that your body is ready for the insertion and delays orgasm so you can enjoy your bunny longer. If playing with a partner, you can let them pleasure you instead to create more excitement and intimacy.

• Once ready, insert the lubed and vibrating shaft and enjoy all its function. The game will be even more pleasurable if the shaft has unique add-on such as beads, stroking capabilities or even triple penetration. You creativity will leave you dancing here.

Bunny vibrators are simply a must have for every women. It has an orgasmic attachment that is designed to leave you panting with pleasure. Here at Pleasures, we know that you are looking for vibrator functions to blow your mind. Consider the challenge solved. Choose a high quality bunny vibrator from the best materials in the market. Change how you experience organisms with Pleasures. Order your bunny vibrator now and we will be delighted to discreetly package and deliver your items to your doorstep, making sure your privacy is never compromised. Good sex is an understatement. Give yourself a fiery sexual experience with bunny vibrators form Pleasures.


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