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Practical Guide: How to Buy Electro Sex Stimulation (E-Stim)

The thought of electricity in you genital may sound scary. But to the contrary, it is one of the most mind-blowing sexual stimulations ever invented. Electro sex involves genital and erogenous zone stimulation using electrical energy for erotic pleasure. It works by stimulating the nervous system, producing intense sexual excitement. Although the practices have been more popular within BDSM community, it is softly spreading among vanilla couples looking for kinky bedroom escapades.

Electro sex stimulation is intended to give you a distinct teasing and tingly sensation never achievable through normal sexual foreplay. Not even sex vibrators can give you such heightened sensitivity. And because the human body is composed of water, the stimulation is distributed to the whole body for toe-curling sensations. It is burning kinky arousal you never experienced before.

If you are exploring electro- stimulation for the first time, there are a variety of electro stimulators to choose from including masturbatory sleeves, vaginal eggs, butt plugs, g-spot probes, stratum pouches, kegel ball, nipple clamps, penis sounds, and the list is endless. Learning to pick the right products that fit your needs is therefore paramount.

Here are a few things you need to consider when choosing electro-sex stimulators.

Things to Consider When Buying Electro Sex Stimulants

Consider your Interest Level in Electro Sex Stimulation

Electro stimulation is a practice that needs a little getting used to. Different electro stimulation equipments will deliver unique levels of stimulation depending on where they are applied and how much power is delivered. Even the smallest electro equipment can deliver a quake of intense stimulation. Define your electro sex stimulation needs and desires. Do you want to test the waters? Spice up your vanilla sex? Are you a seasoned pro already living the kinky BDSM lifestyle?

If a beginner, start with small external stimulators like TENS units (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation unit) and work your way up to insertable devices. You might also want to start with the lowest charge until your body gets used to electro stimulation. Play around with your electro sex stimulator to understand the power options, and define your pain-pleasure threshold. Once you are ready, you can now introduce sophisticated electro equipment such as penis plugs, dildos, and any other stimulation desired.

For those practicing electro sex stimulation in BDSM, make sure to communicate and know your sub likings. Do not try higher power levels on them unless they are comfortable with it. Make sure to establish a safeword to make the play safe and sensible.

Pay Attention to the Power Box

The power box is the most essential part of any E-Stim equipment. It’s where the electric magic happens. The power box controls the patterns of the current, speeds and power level. Go for small sized power boxes, preferably hand held. Large power boxes might look good in movies, but are hardly ideal for bedroom play. You may also want to pick bright displays that are clearly visible in the dark. For those moments when you want a light darkness in your naughty plays.

It is similarly advisable to pay attention to the controls. Pick easy to use controls that can be tuned up and down in a split second. Having a difficult control system can be frustrating and dangerous when you are trying to turn off the E-Stim equipment while your partner is screaming their lungs out in pain.

Pay Particular Attention to the Electrodes

Electrodes come in different sizes and shapes to offer intense electro stimulation for beginners up to hard-core pros. Although you will be mostly guided by your personal preference, level of experience and sexual fantasies. There are a few things you should pay attention to:

Size- think about the insertable width and length. With electrodes, smaller is actually better. Because the electrodes are powered by the power box, smaller sizes tend to have a higher electro pulse concentration than large one. But this depends on whether you are looking for both fullness and electro stimulation.

Intended Use- think about where and how you intend use your E-Stim equipment. Are you looking for vaginal, penile or anal insertable electrodes? These aspects will affect your product choices. It’s also important to note that most E-Stim equipment cannot be used with a condom. So refrain from sharing your electrodes with your partner. Make sure to clean and sterilize thoroughly before and after every use.

Base Style- go for electrodes with a flanged base and a well-defined neck. This will ensure the equipment does not travel further than intended and can be enjoyed as a normal sex toy when the power is switched off. It also makes them more pleasurable especially for women as the base sits on the clitoris. And if you love a thrusting, the sensation can be leg-shaking.

Consider the Power Source

E-Stim equipment come with main, rechargeable or replaceable batteries. Main powered E-stim guarantee that the equipment will not go off when things are starting to heat up. However, they are highly prone to causing accidental overstimulation in the case of power surge. Rechargeable batteries are great especially for people who travel frequently. But make sure to check the battery capacity before starting play. Replaceable batteries are commonly recommended because they are highly safe and you can always replace them quickly in case they die during play.

Electro Sex Stimulation Safe Play

There is no denying this, electricity is dangerous. It’s therefore essential that you play safely and sensibly. Here are some safety rules you must observe:

• Do not engage in electro sex stimulation if you are pregnant or suffering from any heart conditions or epilepsy.

• Do not use E-Stim equipments above the waist. You only want your heart skipping beats for pleasure not operational dysfunctions.

• Do not use E-Stim equipments in water.

• Do not use E-Stims if your body has metallic screws or plates (commonly used in fracture treatments).

Nothing makes sex kinkier than using your own E- Stim equipments to reach hands-free earth-shattering orgasms. Visit Pleasures and claim your electro sex stimulation toys today. Open your doors to some electrifying foreplay and intensely gratifying sexual experience.


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