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The Guide To KY

When choosing personal lubricants and sex enhancement products, you want a brand that is highly reputed on quality and delivery. While there are hundreds, maybe thousands of personal lubes in the market, only a few standouts. K-Y jelly is one of them.

K-Y jelly is an American personal lubricant brand manufactured by the American company McNeil PPC, a unit of Johnson & Johnson. Their personal lubricants and sex enhancement products are highly reputed that and used by millions of sex enthusiasts across the worldwide. K-Y jelly and liquids are made from silicone, water or oil depending on your personal preference and how you plan to use them. Some have additional sensations like warming, cooling and tingling to enhance your pleasure.

Unlike most other lubricants in the market, K-Y jelly and liquids are designed to interact with the human body without causing irritations or hormonal imbalances. These products also have no added colors or scents. K-Y jelly and liquids are compatible with latex condom and are generally body safe. And to protect you from the risk of contracting HIV during intercourse, K-Y jelly and liquids do not contain spermicide, a formulation of nonoxynol-9 which was found to increase the risk of HIV replication.

Whether you are looking for a smooth slide or to spice things up in your bedroom, K-Y jelly and liquids will be there to guide your way to ultimate pleasure.

Here are a few K-Y jelly and liquids products you should try.

K-Y Jelly

These water-based jelly lubricants are idea for vaginal sex. It is non-sticky and non-scented to make sure it gives you a smooth ride without upsetting your vaginal PH. But this doesn’t mean they can’t be used for other sexual activities like erotic massage, masturbation and anal sex.

K-Y Liquids

These liquid lubricants provide you a more natural feel. Once applied, it mimics your natural vaginal wetness giving you a soft soothing feeling during intimacy.

K-Y Warming Liquids

Designed to bring a sensual stimulation to your sexual experience, the K-Y warming liquid lubricants encourage blood flow to the areas of application, heightening your sensitivity and arousal. You are in for a treat of your lifetime.

K-Y Liquidbeads

Talk about innovation! Instead of dealing with bottles and too much hand jobs, simply insert a lube bead in your vagina or anus during foreplay. Stimulate your body with other erotic games and penetrate when the moment right. You will find the bead melted and lining your walls so naturally it won’t feel like lube.

K-Y Yours+Mine

Not many brands will care for your intimate share sex plays like K-Y. They offer you a dual package with a warming liquid for him and tingling gel for her to make intercourse ultimately pleasurable.

As you contemplate on which K-Y jelly and liquids to start with, here are some things to consider when buying K-Y jelly and liquids.

Factors to Consider When Choosing K-Y Jelly and Liquids

Consider the Different Types

K-Y jelly and liquids come as silicone-based, water-based or oil-based. Silicone based K-Y jelly and liquids are silkier and longer lasting for penetrative sex or erotic massage. They don’t wash out easily making them ideal for shower sex. Water-based K-Y jelly and liquids lubricants are designed to mimic your natural body wetness; you never even feel like you are using lube. However, like any other water-based lubricants, K-Y jelly and liquids dry out quickly and may need several reapplications during intercourse. But don’t take this as a downside, re-application can be a great time to communicate with your partner and bring some eye contact for increased intimacy. Oil based K-Y jelly and liquids are great for male masturbation and erotic massages.

Contemplate on Extra Pleasures

Besides giving you a smooth entry, most K-Y jelly and liquids are created to increase your stimulation and pleasure. Be in the present and invite warming, cooling and tingling sensations to your bedroom. Encourage blood flow to your genitals during sex with K-Y warming liquids and intensify your arousal. If you have a pre-ejaculation problem, try K-Y Duration Spray and Gel to take control. Numb and desensitize your penis slightly to help you maintain a longer lasting erection and controlled climax. Some are scented to add smell into the erotic equation. Others are flavored and edible taking tongue stimulation to a whole new level. Mix and match different sensations to make the erotic experience exciting every time.

How to Get the Best Out of K-Y Jelly and Liquids

K-Y Jelly and Liquids are designed to intensify your pleasure. To get the best out of K-Y jelly and liquids, simply relax and have fun.

Take Your Time: To attain the ultimate arousal, take your time to relax and lose yourselves in each other’s arms. Play around and discover each other.

Apply the Lube When the Moment is Right: When you have attained the desired arousal, introduce your desired K-Y jelly and liquids to your foreplay. Apply K-Y warming gel on each other’s sweet spots to improve blood flow and intensify sensitivity. Try K-Y intimate massager to kink things up. Help your partner lube up and inject some lube into your vaginal. Then, thrust!

Free Your Mind and Have Fun: The best intimacy is when you are present in the moment body and mind. Ease yourself up inside your partner and thrust in a new sensual way. Pay attention to your partner, freeing your mind of all other thoughts. Enjoy a combination of K-Y jelly and liquids and the warmth of your partner. This will help your experience an ultimate sexual gratification and bring you closer to each other.

As you plan your erotic night, remember the sex lubricants, creams and gels can ultimately transform your sex life. At Pleasures, we are proud to carry K-Y jelly and liquids for your pleasure. We have an array of your trusted K-Y jelly and liquid sex lubricants including vaginal beads and moisturizers, pleasure lubes and gels, natural feeling lubes, silicone-based K-Y lubes, water-based K-Y lubes and warming K-Y lubes, jelly and gels.


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