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The Ins and Outs of Dildos

For the sexual adventurous and wild at heart, the world of dildos is set to give you as many sensations are you crave. Here is not confined to the penile sensations of veiny shafts and ball. You are free to enjoy whatever shape, size and design you want. Non-realistic dildos look nothing like a penis. They are phallic in nature but look and feel nothing like a penis. They have added pleasures nodules on the shaft, some have probe- like shapes for heightened pleasure. Thy also come in different flexible and rigid materials including metal, glass and exotic stone to spice up your play. If you are a BDSM fun, choose from a variety of creative unusual shapes and colors to make your role play even more pleasurable. Every touch and texture is crafted to maximize your sexual pleasure.

Factors to Consider When Buying Non-Realistic Dildos


Non-realistic dildos come in small, medium and large sizes. Make sure you choose a pleasurable and comfortable size especially if you are a beginner. The vaginal is more elastic and can comfortable accommodate slightly larger sizes. For anal play, start with the smallest size available and work your way up. Remember that the anus is not self-lubricating. Make sure to use plenty of lube and take things slow during insertions and thrusting. You can also get anal dilators and butt plugs here at Pleasures to train you anus to accommodate fullness and stimulation comfortably.


Non- realistic dildos are made from different materials including:

Rubber: This material firm, soft and contours to the body with ease. For some people, rubber is not only a sex toy material but a fetish. Most non-realistic rubber dildos come in different colors and designs. It is important to note that rubber highly porous and tend to encourage molding and bacterial growth. Rubber can be hard to clean and sterilize thoroughly so avoid sharing.

Silicone: This material is hypoallergenic and waterproof, making it safe for all skin type. It also firm, flexible and warms up to the body quickly. Silicone is easy to cleaned and sterilized. The downside is that it is not compatible with silicone lubricant. It is also easy to but poor-quality silicone with knowing. Make sure to buy all your silicone dildos from reputable adult shops like Pleasures to get the best quality in the market.

Jelly: This material has a lifelike feel during penetration. It also has an inviting elegant appearance with elaborate colored that wilt turn you on just by the looks. But like rubber, jelly is highly porous and tends to encourage bacteria growth. Make sure to thoroughly clean with hot soapy water and a disinfectant before and after every use. Also refrain from sharing for your hygiene and health.

Glass: This material offers a glossy sleekness that is unmatched by any other material. It is waterproof and body safe for all skin type. It is also rigid for people who love the sensation of firmness during sex (which is mind-blowingly exciting). Glass is also perfect for partner sensory play. Simply run it through a cold tap for chilling stimulations or dip it in a blow with hot water for a warming penetration. Get on with a decorated base and leave it in as you stimulate your partner’s other erogenous spots. The visual alone will have you Cumming. Additionally, glass non- realistic dildos are easy to clean and sterilize.

Metal: This material has an erotic appeal, it super elegance and durable. The most common metals used include stainless steel, aluminum, gold and silver. Non- realistic dildos make from metal are smooth and easily insertable with minimum lube making it perfect for anal play. Like glass, metal is also easy to clean and sterilize. They are also perfect for temperature play.

While the materials come down to personal preference, it is important to choose high quality and body safe materials. For porous materials, pay attention to the dildo before and after every use. In the cause of discoloration or four odors coming out of the dildo, dispose it and buy a new one. For personal hygiene and health, avoid sharing your non-realistic dildos with your partners.

Contemplate on Added Advantage

Consider additional features to intensify your experience. Some non-realistic dildos are fitted with vibrating bullets to heighten stimulation. Others have suction cups for some hand free pleasure. Think about the visual appeal from different colors. There are also non-realistic dildos with shaped like probers to enhance your anal penetration and prostate milking. Contemplate on the extra pleasure you would love to have and browse through the Pleasures website for a wide range of non-realistic dildos.

Dildo Base

Pay attention to the base to make sure it has a good and firm stopper. This makes sure you do not lose the dildo entirely during anal play. It also provides you with a good hold during penetration and thrusting. Also make sure the base is compatible with strap-on harness for earth-shattering partner play. Simply strap it on your hips or chest and let your partner ride on it. Or turn them round to a doggy and pummel them to toe-curling orgasms. You are the boss!


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